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Sea Tow Boston is a franchisee of Sea Tow Services International, Inc. We provide Assistance Towing and related services to the boating public in our Area of Responsibility (AOR). Sea Tow Boston's AOR extends from Thatchers island off Rockport, MA to Black Rocks off Cohasset, MA and as far offshore as we can safely go depending on weather and sea conditions (we cover approximately 1,000 square miles of area). We currently operate five Rescue Towboats with a staff of U.S. Coast Guard Licensed professional Captains to meet our members needs and service the AOR.

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Sea Tow Boston is in the Membership business! We operate primarily on a membership basis where boaters Join Sea Tow for $179 a year and receive unlimited FREE services according to the Membership Program. Approximately 80% of our operational budget comes directly from membership sales revenue allowing us to provide the very best Customer Service possible to our members at no charge.
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Sea Tow Boston also provides some of the same services to non-members that it provides FREE to members. Non--Members, however, are charged on a Fee-For-Service basis. Unfortunately, with Assistance Towing rates industry wide between $300 and $500 per hour, a tow, fuel drop, or jumpstart can get very expensive for a non-member. Join Sea Tow today and get the "Peace of Mind" a Sea Tow membership provides.

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